Clover Station Duo

A powerful POS for both sides of the counter

Engage your customers like never before with Station Duo.
Use our all-in-one, tailored POS system to manage every
aspect of your growing venture

Let them drive

Station Duo includes a customer facing terminal that displays itemized order details, allowing customers to confirm their orders, and even enter their contact information for loyalty and rewards

Accept all major payment types

Let your customers pay how they want to pay. Swipe, dip or tap. Credit, debit or NFC payments including Apple Pay ®, Google Pay ®, Samsung Pay ® and more.

Move at the speed of now

Station Duo is a fast, high performance point-of-sale (POS) system. From inventory and orders to managing your staff and running reports, it’s all at your fingertips.

The smart and simple way to run your business more securely

Technical Specifications

A smart POS system built for speed and simplicity

Tackle your daily traffic spikes without breaking a sweat. Station Duo is a fast, customer-engaging POS, designed for speed, security and engagement.

Cut the counter clutter

One central hub for power and processing. One screen for you, one for your customers. Includes built-in payment acceptance, as well as a printer for orders and receipts.

Inventory and menu management

Station Duo’s smart terminal makes it easy to assign categories, labels, variants, and modifiers to help you keep your inventory up-to-date and organized

Business control at your fingertips

Access and manage your back-of-house data anytime, anywhere with live cloud-based reporting. See the patterns and trends driving your sales and take a smarter approach to marketing.

Apps for every business

No matter the industry our apps will help you tackle the trickiest tasks associated with running your restaurant, retail, or services business.

FAQ about the Clover Station Duo POS System

The Clover Station Duo is a dual-screen POS system designed to speed up transactions with its 14″ HD merchant-facing display and 8″ customer-facing touch screen. It combines attractive hardware with essential software, including a high-speed receipt printer and optional cash drawer. The system supports multiple payment methods, including chip, swipe, and contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. It also features end-to-end encryption for security and is expandable with accessories like printers and scanners to tailor the system to your business needs.

The Clover Station Duo enhances business operations by offering a seamless point-of-sale experience that is both easy to use and efficient. With its intuitive software, minimal training is required for staff. The dual-screen setup allows for quick transactions and customer interactions, such as confirming orders and making payments. Additionally, the system supports comprehensive business management through tracking and reporting tools, employee management features, and the ability to accept various payment types. These functionalities help streamline operations and improve overall business efficiency.

Yes, the Clover Station Duo allows for remote business management. You can track sales, run detailed reports, and manage employee schedules and timesheets from anywhere. The system provides insights into business performance, helping you compare current sales with historical data. Additionally, you can set system permission levels to secure sensitive information and ensure smooth operation even when you are not on-site. This remote management capability is supported through the Clover Dashboard, accessible via the internet.

Clover Station Duo incorporates robust security measures to protect both your business and customer information. It uses end-to-end encryption to safeguard data during transactions. The system also includes integrated chip sensors to prevent fraud. Additionally, Clover’s security protocols ensure that sensitive information is handled securely, providing peace of mind for both merchants and customers. Regular updates and support from Clover further enhance the security and reliability of the system.

Clover Station Duo accepts a wide range of payment types to accommodate customer preferences. It supports chip card, swipe, and contactless payments, including popular mobile payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. This versatility ensures that customers can pay using their preferred method, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of transactions. The system’s ability to handle multiple payment types makes it suitable for various business environments, from retail stores to quick-service restaurants.

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